"A person is not great for his possessions but for who he is;
not for what he's got but for what he shares with others"


                                  John Paul II


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Fundacja Mali Mistrzowie ( The Little Champions Foundation)




Age groups :

  • Year 2008

  • Year 2009 and younger


KS Górnik Wieliczka (ul. Daniłowicza 6 , 32-020 Wieliczka ) – the stadium with the natural surface.

Wielicka Arena Lekkoatletyczna(ul. Bogucka 9, 32-020 Wieliczka) – the stadium with the artificial surface.

The aims:

  • The promotion of sport and fair play among children and teenagers.

  • To make acquaintance with the participants of the tournament.

Participants :

Category Year 2008 - 16 teams ( two groups 8 each)

Category Year 2009 – 16 teams ( two groups 8 each)

The number of players :

14 players + 2 coaches

Duration of matches :

In Saturday the duration of each match is 15 min ( no halftime)

In Sunday the duration of each match is 2x12 min

The system of matches :

The system of matches is the same for category year 2008 and 2009.

The tournament is going to be played in 2 groups (A and B) – each 8 teams, where the teams are going to play „ each other” .

The first Day of the tournament – SATURDAY 25.05.2019.

Each team is going to play 7 matches – 15 min each ( no halftime). Teams who take places from 1 to 4 in their groups will go to a final stage and compete for places from 1 to 8, other teams who take places from 5 to 8 will compete for places 9 to 16.

The place in the group is determined by:

- number of scores,

- the final score in case two teams are interested . When three teams have the same scores, „ the small table/ chart” is made. The results of the teams are taken into consideration and the final result is determined by :

- the difference of goals,

- more goals,

- less miss goals,

- penalty kicks , midfielder kicks (3),

The second Day of the tournament – SUNDAY 26.05.2019

After matches in groups, teams from places 1 to 4 from A group are going to play quarter finals with teams from places 1 to 4 from B group. Other teams from places 5 to 8 from A group are going to play with teams from places 5 to 8 from B group to win places 9 to 16.


1A – 4B                5A- 8B


2A – 3B                6A-7B


1B – 4A                7A-6B


2B – 3A                8A-5B

The winners of the matches will move up according to the attached brackets.






































The final round


Basic rules:

  • The team may have max 14 players

  • 6 players plus a goalkeeper

  • Duration time – 15 min (Saturday), 2x12min (Sunday)

  • Hockey changes in the zone

  • The ball no 4

  • Introducing a ball into the game by a goal kick from 5 m line within own half of the pitch.

  • Throws made by legs

  • Time penalties – 2 min

  • Football pitch dimensions 55x25m

  • Goals dimensions 5x2m

  • Football side throw- in: by leg (to lead or pass), you can’t score the goal directly, the opponent at 3m distance.

  • Football boots: soft, so-called cleats

  • Individual penalties: 2 min or sending-off (the player finishes the game, the team plays for 2 min weakened)

  • No offside rule

  • Other regulations in accordance with the Unification for the Orlik pitch category ( junior E)

  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules.




Cups for teams from places 1 to3, medals for the players. There will also be individual reward such as statuettes or diplomas for :

-the best goal scorer

-the best goalkeeper

The organizer provides:

  • water for each team

  • treat

  • qualified medical staff

Insurance: the players are provided with the insurance by the teams on their own

Medical examination and ID: the teams are obliged to have valid health cards of their players on the day of the tournament and their identity cards in case of verification. The coach of the team will be liable for lack of these documents.

The organizer shall not be liable for any accidents both before, during and after the tournament.

Participating in the tournament means that you agree that the organizer can process your personal data for information purposes and promotion on the tournament on the social network sites.

Arrival and accommodation of teams by Friday at the latest 24.05.2019 at 5 p.m.

  • Additional attractions : visiting Salt Mine in Wieliczka – to be agreed with the organizer , a swimming pool , a rope park – to be agreed with the organizer.


Contact details :

Karol Nędza

e-mail: nedza.apw@gmail.com

tel.: 605279203