Emilia suffers from Rett syndrome. It is a cruel, progressive, genetic disease that has taken all her skills. Currently, he is not sitting, walking or talking. She is 11 years old - weighing almost 50 kg girl, completely dependent on us. Until now, we tried to be independent and at all costs to ensure that our daughter was not "chained" to bed. Unfortunately, after 10 years of fighting the disease, we faced a "wall" of pain and helplessness. Constantly recurring spinal injuries, muscle pain, polyarticular degeneration. We are no longer able to perform the simplest hygienic activities with our daughter without the help of a lift. The only solution is to install a system of ceiling lifts in the house, which will enable Emilka's transfer between rooms and safe placement in a trolley. We really thank you for each donation.


Emilka's parents - Małgorzata and Piotr Reichert

I present to you Luna. Thanks to it, we can transport Bears all over the house without having to be lifted. Luna showed us a new dimension of life. She gave my mother the opportunity to serve the Mission on her own ...
ordinary THANK YOU is not enough ... there are no words to describe how much easier it is. Luna is simply priceless ...
thank you Agnieszka, Arkadiusz Janusz because thanks to you I decided to start fundraising. Karol Nędza, we have never met each other live and thanks to your sports campaigns, the vast majority of payments were made.
You are a wonderfully good person. Thank you ... everyone for each donation.

Misia, Gosia and Piotr

On behalf of Emilka, we would like to thank all participants involved in the charity part of our #saltminecup tournament.

Both people who donated their resources for the benefit of the girl and those who were involved in the organization of the event.

Thank you for all the contributions to the fundraiser organized by Emilki's mother, thanks to your support the goal for Emilka was achieved - an electric lift was purchased.

We would like to congratulate the 11-year-old Wiktor Skrzeczyński, an exceptional donor, participant of the SALTmineCUP tournament, who came out with the initiative to allocate his collected money to support Emilka.

Wiktor, with your gesture, you proved that despite your young age, you fully understand the idea of the tournament, which is to combine competition on a global level with supporting children in need.

22 960 Pln on the electric lift for EMILKI!

This year we play for Emilka

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