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"A person is not great for his possessions but for who he is; not for what he's got but for what he shares with others"          St  John Paul II

We keep our fingers crossed for Marcel
Marcel's constant struggle to return to full fitness through private rehabilitation with Mr. Adam continues. Thanks to his hard work and the will to fight, Marcel is able to walk from a boy with complete right-sided paresis. He still has a long way to go to full fitness, but he does not give up and believes that he will achieve it.
We are very happy that, at least to a small extent, we are able to help Marcel in his fight.
Our foundation provided support for Marcel's rehabilitation in the amount of PLN 6,150.
Much health, Marcel


This edition was played for a boy closely related to the Wieliczka Football Academy and Górnik Wieliczka.
The fundraising was started by auctions of unique gadgets donated by participants of the 5th edition of the tournament and sponsors.

more on https://www.facebook.com/marcel.filo.92